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Anna was a caring, empathetic and fantastic postpartum doula for our family. She was able to easily identify our changing needs as individuals and as a family, and worked to meet them each visit. 


She was with us during a challenging time, as we had rotating family in town, as well as a 2 year old that was greatly struggling with his new normal. Our infant also needed many unexpected doctors visits his first few weeks, and Anna never hesitated to adjust her schedule to accommodate, or utilize her contacts within the birthing community for when we needed referrals. She is gracious and easy to be around, and despite all of the people and emotions and noise in our small house, she never felt in the way.  She easily handled all of the family and visitors, and was able to support my husband and I effortlessly. 

She was such an integral and needed support during my postpartum period, and my husband and I could not have imagined how we would have fared without her. 


It's really challenging to fully grasp who Anna has been for our family. As a practicing prenatal and pediatric chiropractic, I know the value of doulas but I have to admit I will be referring all my patients to Anna. We, well I should say, my wife Victoria had done everything for a healthy conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum but hiring Anna was easily the most impactful in not just her healing but our daughter Alana's and mine as well.

Anna was intuitive, she was deeply caring and she was a powerful guide ... in the end, we were so sad that our time with her ended ... she became a part of our family and we are so so grateful for her. 

Anna, you are a gem in an already amazing birthing community here in San Diego. Whoever hires you onto their team is very very very fortunate .


Anna was the absolute best!!! She came into our lives at the perfect time. From the moment we met she displayed this confidence that I found to be extremely comforting especially when leaving your new baby with someone. Anna was so so good with my daughter and she is truly a wealth of knowledge on all things baby/parenthood and postpartum. Anna gave me the confidence I needed to be the best version of my self and my new identity as a mom. I wish she could've stayed with our family forever. I owe her so much for the growth and strength I now have because of her nurturing support.


Anna is amazing! She has a calm, comforting presence and truly has a knack for caring for others. She is able to jump right in, no matter what state you, your child/children or your home may be in, and helps in just the way you need without having to be told what to do. I felt effortlessly supported by Anna.

She was my lifeline as I adjusted to life with two after my daughter was born. Both of my children love her and I always felt comfortable leaving either or both of them in her expert hands. She played with my son and made and fed him meals while I cared for my daughter and expertly swaddled and held my daughter so I could have one on one time with my son. She made meals, meal prepped, folded countless loads of laundry, vacuumed, picked up groceries, and always made sure that I got time to shower or otherwise take some time for myself during her visits.


She also always had something special for me at each visit, whether it be a delicious snack or tea, a guided meditation, or an herbal bath soak. I cannot recommend Anna enough! She is truly excellent at what she does!


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