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What is the BEST Baby Swing?!?!

A question I get a lot, "what kind of (insert baby product) do you recommend?" I get it, I was there too. The baby product industry does a great job of making you feel like your first job as a parent advocate is to make sure your kid has the best gear. If I could go back in time and tally the amount of hours I spent adding and deleting items from my baby registry, the number would be alarming. Heck, that should be a question providers ask, "How much time have you spent researching and registering for baby products?" It's a easy pit to fall into. It feels productive. But here's the thing, the baby product industry doesn't want you to know, ✴️"High touch beats high tech, EVERYTIME"✴️ (Karen Kerkhoff Gromada in Mothering Multiples).

.Of course, you need a place for baby to sleep, and all the basics, but this powerfully simple line of of advice would have saved me sooooooo many anxious hours searching and searching for the right THING. When really I already had the thing. It was me. It was my partner. It was supportive grandparents, family and friends, to hold the baby and us. ⤵️

PostScript: It's ok to ask me about baby products! I won't shun or judge you. In fact, I'm a great person to ask about products, because instead of selling you or deterring you, I can help you figure out what need you are trying to meet and if this actually will serve your family.

Post PostScript: If you are now doing an huge edit to your baby register, think about adding services: Massage? Cleaners? Meal Service? or hey, a Postpartum Doula? Would all be great additions and ways for your family and friends to really give you the gifts you need.

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