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Doula, That Thing You Do

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

.....'Cause we

Could be happy, can't you see

If you'd only let me be the one to hold you

And keep you here with me...

Postpartum is the time after the arrival of new baby(ies). Many parents, both new and experienced, feel this time is precious and marvel at their new family, but of course, baby(ies) come with demands that can be very overwhelming. *Insert constant crying, diaper changes and feeds here* Add on to that the huge fluctuations in hormones, body changes, healing from nearly a year of pregnancy and what may have felt like a year of labor and lack of sleep.... it's no wonder that parents can quickly become at risk for serious depletion.

The role of a postpartum doula is to educate families in ways that will help them navigate with the goal of nourishment and confidence in their own unique ways of parenting. We can work together in the following ways: creating a postpartum care plan, implementing practices for care of self, baby and family as a whole, creating organizational systems in your household to support nourishment, and all clients have access to my well-researched and personalized reference documents and referral network. We can provide herbal support to increase healing, suggest products, classes and books that will support your families need. Heck, we can refer you to a stellar carpet cleaner for those messy-middle-of-the-night blow outs that got a little out of control.

The real unicorn superpower we posses is our prenatal planning and education sessions. Yeah, those pregnancy and childbirth books and classes cover postpartum for all of two minutes (hopefully, an obvious exaggeration), but consider the fact that you are going to be postpartum for the rest of your life! That is well worth preparing for and spending a little extra time grounding yourself with a strong foundational understanding of what is to come.

Schedule a Zoom Meet & Greet with us today to learn more and to find out how we can end up in your kitchen making you a dream snack plate, while your laundry is going, and your baby is tucked into a carrier, peacefully sleeping on a doula's chest.

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