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What does a Postpartum Doula Actually Do?

It sounds great, but what's the nitty gritty?

"So, what does a postpartum doula actually do?" The answer is so layered, so here's a fun example of what the heck was going on in this photo.

This is a family who I supported for 84 hours over the course of the first several months postpartum (so, no I don't just show up for the first 6 weeks and then break up with you). In this scenario, dad was working from his home office, mom was taking care of some household responsibility, I was feeding the baby a bottle and big brother asked if he could do my makeup. Of course! I proudly wore this "look" around the house for the next hour while the 2 year-old makeup artist made sure everyone knew of his talents.☺️

The more traditional explanation of my role is that I support families through the threshold that is postpartum and that looks different for each family. I hold space for all the feels. I help you plan prenatally. I cook. I tidy. I organize. I pick up that item from the grocery store that keeps getting forgotten. I hold the baby while you shower and nap. I hold you while you cry happy and sad tears. I massage and bind your womb space. I listen. I give carefully thought out referral matched to your family's needs. I am a Postpartum Doula and I'm so honored to be called to this life.

*Image shared with permission.

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