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Bodyfeeding- It Can be Sucky, here's what helps.

Updated: May 23, 2022

  1. A support person: the trick here is choosing carefully. Your support person needs to be your best cheerleader, water-bottle refill-er, snack bringer and neck massager.

  2. The Haaka- Why, yes, it's low tech and can collect milk that would otherwise soak your shirt and make you appear to be in a wet t-shirt contest, but it has a secret power! The Haaka is phenomenal at sucking and that can be very helpful to prevent draw out clogged ducts. Here's a quick tutorial on how to make it work. One of our clients lovingly refers to this practice as a Boob Sitz and we can call it nothing else for time immortal.

  3. Snacks! Keep your stash interesting, well stocked and stashed within arms reach of the spots you bodyfeed/pump. This is a great job for a friend who wants to support you but maybe doesn't have a ton of time. They ship you snacks whenever you are low. We really love GoMacro bars since they are delish and are high in protein too.

  4. Supplementation- There are lots of options out there. The most basic is sunflower leitchin which helps to lubricate the milk ducts & prevents clogs. There are so many more, talk to your provider about which ones are best suited for you.

  5. Hands-free pumping! There are lots of options out there. We often recommend this simple one because it's very versatile.

  6. Community Care- This means allowing your community to deliver home-cooked meals so you can be nourished without the work of preparing food yourself.

  7. Checking in with a local IBCLC. There are many organizations who provide free drop in groups if a private consult is not accessible for you.

  8. Keep some light reading materials nearby. We suggest some postpartum related poetry such as Brave New Mama by Vicki Rivard or your favorite magazine... yeah an actual paper magazine.

  9. Setting micro goals. Example: "I want to bodyfeed for at least 6 weeks and then reassess."

  10. Prioritizing your mental health! We are the first to admit that bodyfeeding can be strain on your mental health. At the end of the day, you get to decide if bodyfeeding is right for you. It is not worth sacrificing your mental health to the point of suffering. If you are reading this and feel like you have tipped into the suffering zone, please text the Postpartum Support International's help line at 800-944-4773.

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