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FOMO got you down?

Postpartum FOMO can be a real bummer...

Being hunkered down during the pandemic has pulled up these old feelings of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) from the early days of postpartum. You know those LONG, slow, slow days and weeks blurry with all things baby and hopefully some healing, connection and good food. Postpartum is the opposite vibe of the hustle and bustle of every day life before kids.

Our first big holiday that came around when we were postpartum, we waaaaaaay overscheduled ourselves and felt awful when our baby melted down at the end of the day. But, I've also had the opposite experience, feeling like we couldn't attend any special events because a baby or a baby + a toddler were just too much. And sometimes it is, some things are just not feasible with babies and young kids.

The trick is to find some new way, traditional or nourishing practice to fill what the other thing was giving you. It's easy to get caught in the FOMO spiral. Throw your self a life line and climb the heck out of there. Not sure what to do? Start with food! Look up recipes that your ancestors made. Find one that is achievable, get those groceries delivered (app or one of those friends who keeps asking if they can help) and make it happen. Maybe it will turn out great, maybe it won't, but I bet your ancestors didn't get it perfect the first time either.

Take it slow. Find pleasures in the slow, long days.

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